Binance Co-Founder In Damage Control Mode Over Racial Meme Message

Binance In Damage Control Mode Over Racial Meme Message

Binance is controversially in the news again but it has nothing to do with regulatory breaches. This time around, the online community of users is outraged by the actions of the exchange regarding a recent post on its official X account.

The Controversial Binance Post

According to Wu Blockchain, the controversial post featured an image from the popular show, Family Guy, depicting Peter Griffin using a color card to classify people by skin tone.

The posted image drew immediate criticism from the community, accusing Binance of promoting racism. This was considered offensive given that people of all races are on the Binance platform and some considered it discriminatory.

In a swift response, Yi He, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Service Officer at Binance, has offered Binance’s sincere apologies for the offensive post. She explained that the social media team responsible for the post did not understand the offensive nature of the image, as they were newly onboarded and lacked the necessary cultural awareness.

In her apology, Yi He stated, “The social media team has recently been onboarded and lacks the corresponding cultural background. When they saw this MEME image in the community, they did not understand its meaning and posted it on X.”

Proactive Executive Communication

The Binance exchange Executive assured the online community that the exchange will take preventive steps to forestall the possible reoccurrence of such triggering posts in the future.

Meanwhile, responding to the post from Yi He, some users appreciated the clarification and accompanying apology. While appreciating the transparency and efforts to rectify the wrong, they expressed optimism the exchange will do better in the future and remain committed to prompt communication with the community.

Others have commended the Chief Customer Service Officer for being proactive as it concerns the exchange. A notable scenario was Yi He taking to her official X account to notify her followers and the broader crypto community of a malicious actor out to defraud users.

According to her, the impersonator succeeded in defrauding one user of 60 ETH. She urged users to always remain vigilant of malicious links used to scam unsuspecting people. 

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