Fetch AI, AGIX, and OCEAN Merger Bags 99% FET Community Support

Fetch AI passes ASI Alliance proposal

Just a few days after the launch of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) was announced, the proposal for the collaboration has garnered more than 99% support from Fetch.ai (FET) community members.

Fetch AI Community Ratifies ASI Alliance Bid

Fetch AI confirmed on X that the proposal deemed the largest governance proposal on the Fetch Network by participation, passed with a 99.8% Yes vote from its community. This happens to be the first proposal for the ASI Alliance merger with two more linked to the Fetch AI community.

A few days ago, Coingape reported a decision between Artificial Intelligence (AI) firms SingularityNET, Fetch AI, and Ocean Protocol to merge their respective tokens; AGIX, FET, and OCEAN into a singular ASI token. The reason for the merger is to develop a centralized AI platform with the rising competition in the Artificial Intelligence space.

The voting process which was announced earlier this week involves members of each community. 

At first, SingularityNET took to X to announce that voting for this noteworthy merger had gone live for AGIX token holders on Cardano and Ethereum. According to Fetch AI’s X post, it had equally commenced its voting sessions. Ocean Protocol was the last of the three to start any voting sessions that further underscore the phenomenal partnership that aims to merge AGIX, FET, and OCEAN tokens into an ASI.

Unmistakably, the three AI firms will continue to operate as separate entities as their collaboration is only limited to the Superintelligence Alliance. SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel will serve as the lead of the bloc, Ocean Protocol’s Trent McConaghy will be a crucial part of the team and Fetch.ai CEO Humayun Sheikh will be chairman. 

Notably, the Fetch AI network will be the powerhouse of the ASI Alliance.

AI Tokens Benefitting From Demand Boom

Generally, it can be inferred that the growing AI interest has also contributed to growth in tokens, particularly those associated with AI platforms.

Almost a month ago, Worldcoin (WLD), the token that is associated with OpenAI’s Sam Altman, soared by almost 50% after its CEO welcomed new members on the OpenAI board.

Render (RNDR), another AI-based protocol has also seen progress and demand in the last few months. RNDR hit a 19-month all-time high (ATH) a couple of weeks ago after a dramatic surge in its price. The coin is currently priced at $9.71, up 1.66% in the past 24 hours.

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