Is Cardano Finally Hit By The Bull Run? Here’s What’s Happening

Is Cardano Finally Hit By The Bull Run; Here's What's Happening

With the bullish crypto market, so many cryptocurrencies emerged as a profiting investment option. For this meme coins seem to be dominating the market with their new ATH and upwards price movement. Looking at the charts, leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have made a stable comeback, and Cardano is among the few who are left out. But that is going to change now. 

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Cardano price movement seems promising at this time, where the analysts have also predicted a price surge for the crypto in the next few days. Let’s get into that and see what’s happening. 

Cardano Price Performace

Cardano is presently trading at $0.6476 with a market cap of $23,040,173,913. In the last 24 hours, a surge of 8% was noticed in Cardano’s trading volume, pushing the value to $629,067,224, which is a good sign. Before, its prices surged to 12% before falling to the current value. 

Cardano Price Analysis

Cardano was constant with the price for almost two years and is finally showing some kind of price improvement this month. The peak started with a value of $0.4763 and took two months to reach the highest peak of $0.8011 on the third of March. 

Despite that, it has still maintained the 9th position on the CoinmarketCap and is considered among the top cryptocurrencies.

Why has Cardano Price Surged Recently?

With the ongoing bullish trend, Cardano is still out of the bullish push and hasn’t recovered much of its losses. A minor price surge stood earlier, which was part of the Cardano’s baby steps going on for months with the anticipation to lead to better surges over the next month.

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A few data analysis has revealed a constant trend formation in April month. The report mentioned an average profitability of 26% and a median value of 7.47%, which has continued over the years. As there are only few days left in April, this analysis has become a hope for the crypto users. 

Cardano’s Social Media Debate

Along with this, a recent social media controversy has also highlighted the Cardano in the crypto community. MartyParty, the host of the crypto traders club space, has caused a social media debate about Cardano’s performance over the years. In an X post, he mentioned the poor transaction speed of this cryptocurrency and questioned why people are still holding the crypto. 

This situation has divided the social media platform in two over the debate on Cardano’s performance, where some have highlighted the impact of Cardano in the market. One of those, SonofGeo, has tweeted about how his support for this is unwavering, and he will HODL no matter the currency circumstances. He also questioned MartyParty whether he even knew what Cardano is. 


Cardano is too far from its all-time high record without any grand progress in the last two years. The ongoing minor price changes are helping in maintaining the community’s trust in the crypto. Rest, we will see how the Cardano will move in April. 

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