XRP Lawyer Poses Mind-Boggling Questions Amid Dropped SBF Second Trial

Recently, XRP holder’s lawyer John E. Deaton has posed a series of thought-provoking questions on X, drawing attention to the apparent silence from Senator Elizabeth Warren amidst a dropped second Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) trial.

Deaton Questions Sen Warren’s Silence on SBF Trial

Deaton’s first set of questions revolves around the lack of investigation or indictments for Joe Bankman and Barbara Fried, who reportedly owned millions of dollars in luxury real estate in the Bahamas allegedly funded by FTX customer money. Despite her outspoken views on the potential misuse of cryptocurrency, Warren has not publicly addressed these allegations or called for investigations into possible financial wrongdoings.

As a member of the Senate Banking Committee, Warren is expected to conduct oversight over the SEC. Deaton highlighted that despite her position and stance on cryptocurrencies, she has not requested notes between SEC Chair Gary Gensler and SBF following their meetings. 

Furthermore, the lawyer alleges that Sen Warren provided Gensler with pre-prepared questions and answers for a hearing, none of which addressed Gensler’s multiple meetings with SBF. Deaton challenges Warren’s motivations behind this apparent lack of scrutiny.

 Deaton also raises the possibility of coordination between Senator Warren and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who testified under oath that the only use case for crypto is illicit activity. The lawyer questions whether Warren coordinated with Dimon, especially considering JPMorgan’s active use of crypto for some cross-border transactions.

Prosecutorial Decision on SBF’s Second Trial

In a surprising turn of events, prosecutors have decided to forgo a second trial for SBF on additional charges, including campaign finance violations, conspiracy to bribe foreign officials, and bank fraud. The decision is attributed to the lack of consent from The Bahamas, the country that extradited SBF to face initial charges in the United States. 

The absence of consent complicates the legal proceedings and has led the U.S. authorities to opt for sentencing in March 2024 based on evidence presented during the original trial. 

Overall, Deaton’s inquiries into Senator Warren’s stance and potential connections highlight the need for transparency and accountability in the crypto space. As the legal saga unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Sen Warren will address these questions and provide clarity on her position regarding the alleged financial misconduct involving FTX.

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