Cardano Price Prediction: Analyst Foresees Major Price Movement


Cardano (ADA) currently stands at a crucial crossroads, with predictions of a significant price shift looming. Crypto analyst LuckSide, in a recent YouTube analysis, has identified a crucial gap in ADA’s price chart, indicating a possible major movement in its value. This gap, a ‘liquidity vacuum’ between $0.60 and $0.67, marks a departure from the strong support level at $0.40, historically a precursor to notable price changes for ADA.

LuckSide outlines two potential paths for ADA. One scenario envisages a bullish ascent towards the $0.70 resistance, echoing another analyst’s recent prediction. Conversely, a bearish correction could pull ADA down to its $0.40 support. Despite the unpredictability of the market, certain factors hint at ADA’s resilience, including stable support levels, moving averages, and the positive influence of Bitcoin’s recent stability. Furthermore, anticipating the Bitcoin Halving event in April 2024, which is known to incite bullish trends historically, could favor ADA.

Cardano’s Steady Growth and Market Influence

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, recently spoke about the network’s growth trajectory, likening it to Bitcoin’s early days. He addressed the evolving perceptions of Cardano, from being labeled a “ghost chain” to concerns over its block capacity. Hoskinson reassured the community about Cardano’s capability for handling growth and scaling for decentralized applications (DApps).

He proudly noted Cardano’s growth without the influence of venture capital, media hype, or influencers. This, according to Hoskinson, underscores the network’s solid fundamentals and bright future. Additionally, Cardano’s recent listing in new trading pairs on Binance marks an increase in its exposure and potential user base.

Technical Indicators and Market Sentiments

Over the past 24 hours, the Cardano price has been moving in a sideways range, with bullish and bearish struggling to take control of the market. At the time of reporting, the Cardano price is exchanging hands at $0.615, with a 24-hour surge of 0.51% and an additional monthly strong increase of more than 60%. The current market capitalization for the token has also been rising. Currently, at $21 billion, it ranks among the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Cardano price
ADA/USD daily chart| source:TradingView

On a technical front, Cardano shows a bullish trend in the four-hour timeframe, with upward-sloping 50-day and 200-day moving averages. However, most oscillators present a neutral stance, with the RSI sitting in the 55-60 neutral zone, suggesting a balanced market condition.

Cardano’s price trades above all major moving averages, with the key support at SMA 30 ($0.5520). In case of a potential bearish pullback, ADA price’s immediate support lies at the SMA 10 and EMA 10 ($0.6150 and $0.6113).14 buy signals out of the 26 technical indicators indicate the bulls have gained full control of ADA prices.

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