Bloomberg Analyst Foresees Crypto Dominance In Global Markets

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In a bold prediction, Jamie Coutts, a Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst, praises the crypto and tech market amid a significant transformation in the global equity scene. Coutts, known for his astute insights, highlights that technology is poised to represent a staggering 25% of the total global equity market by the close of 2025.

In addition, he anticipates that the cryptocurrency market, an integral part of the tech realm, will command a formidable 20% of the tech sector’s market capitalization by the same year. This projection signifies a remarkable fivefold increase within just five years.

Tech Sector Doubles In a Decade

Coutts’ analysis underscores the exceptional growth trajectory of the technology sector, with its market share set to double within a decade. Notably, the dynamic nature of the tech industry, fueled by innovations, digital transformations, and growing interests in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, positions it as a powerhouse within the broader equity market.

Meanwhile, investors keen on capitalizing on this surge might find that tech stocks present a compelling opportunity for substantial returns. While Coutts acknowledges the impressive growth of technology, he goes a step further by advocating for tech and crypto to be the primary focus in investment portfolios.

His recent post on the X platform suggests that this emphasis on the tech and crypto sectors should persist for the next 1-2 years, at least until the liquidity cycle undergoes a significant turn.

Meanwhile, the projection comes amid a time when both the technology as well as the crypto industry have gained notable traction globally. The market now anticipates the segments to witness further growth in the coming days.

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Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Jamie Coutts
Source: Jamie Coutts CMT, X

Crypto’s Ascendance To Dominate The Global Markets

Coutts’ forecast for the cryptocurrency market, nestled within the expansive tech domain, outlines a remarkable ascent. The projection that crypto will constitute one-fifth of the tech sector’s market capitalization by 2025 unveils the increasing influence and acceptance of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, the recent prediction of the top Bloomberg Intelligence analyst comes in line with the growing interest in virtual assets in recent days on a global scale. In addition, a flurry of factors like the upcoming Bitcoin halving, and Bitcoin Spot ETF approval, among others, might also contribute to the increasing popularity of the sectors.

Notably, as traditional and digital finance converge, investors may find that allocating a significant portion of their portfolios to tech and crypto could prove strategic in navigating the evolving investment landscape. Meanwhile, Coutts’ insights serve as a compelling guide for those seeking to harness the potential of these dynamic markets in the coming years.

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