Mantle Network Launches Yield Token USDY with Ondo Finance

Ton Foundation Partners Mantle Network

Mantle Network has integrated with Ondo Finance to introduce USDY, a yield-generating token underpinned by tangible assets. This new financial instrument aims to offer a more secure alternative to traditional stablecoins, delivering real-world yields through a decentralized framework.

The novel token USDY is entering the market, backed by a sturdy combination of U.S. treasuries and bank demand deposits. Its launch follows the successful creation of a bridge from Ethereum Layer 1 to Mantle Layer 2, enhancing its accessibility. USDY is set to deliver value to its holders by accruing yield from its underlying assets, presenting a potential paradigm shift in how yield is perceived and pursued in the digital currency.

Mantle Network Debuts with BitDAO Support

Ondo Finance, commanding a significant presence with a 50% market share, spearheads the USDY initiative. The company has adeptly structured USDY as a tokenized bearer instrument, which aligns seamlessly with the legal requirements and ensures user trust. Their expertise in tokenized securities is poised to imbue USDY with a solid foundation for growth and stability.

Moreover, Ondo Finance is on the verge of releasing mUSD, a rebasing currency designed to retain a stable value pegged to the U.S. dollar. This currency will distribute yield to its holders by issuing additional tokens, heralding a novel mechanism for interest accrual in the cryptocurrency domain.

Recently unveiling its mainnet alpha, Mantle Network has secured a robust position in the crypto economy, partly due to its amalgamation with BitDAO. The network boasts a substantial treasury, enabling it to implement governance proposal MIP-26 successfully. This proposal sanctions substantial liquidity for the minting and trading USDY and mUSD within Mantle’s decentralized exchanges.

USDY, mUSD Boost Mantle’s DeFi Ecosystem

The integration of USDY and mUSD into Mantle’s DeFi environment opens numerous avenues for usage, from serving as collateral in various financial protocols to enhancing liquidity providers’ incentives. This development represents a strategic enhancement to the network’s infrastructure, providing tangible benefits to users and participating platforms.

Significantly, Mantle’s foray into real-world asset-backed tokens underlines a commitment to providing sustainable yield sources. The team’s meticulous research and due diligence reflect their dedication to user experience, promising to introduce an offering that sets new standards in the crypto-financial landscape.

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