Dogecoin Co-Founder Reveals His Networth, Prepare for a Shocker


Billy Markus, renowned as the prominent Dogecoin founder has taken to the X app to reveal his networth as of 2023. 

Dogecoin Founder Says He’s Worth Under $1M

The Dogecoin founder who is known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto on X, commented on a screenshot taken from a publication by Techiegamers where it was said that his networth was estimated to be $5 million as of this year. 

The screenshot also implied that Markus is not interested in making more money. In response to this publication, Markus highlighted that his actual net worth is way lesser than the said networth.

“It’s hilarious that this is one of the first articles about me on the internet as my net worth is well under a million dollars and I have a very large interest in making money,” Markus clarified, adding, 

“if i did have 5 million dollars tho, i would be wayyyyyy more chill about money.”

Some of Markus’ earlier tweets suggest that the Dogecoin founder is in love with his job. It is believed that the job that he was referring to is software engineering. He had once mentioned that he would not swap his job for a position on Elon Musk’s X app team. It is worth noting that Musk and Markus are quite friendly with each other as they usually communicate via tweets.

The Tesla boss’ relationship with the DOGE ecosystem is common knowledge to all. He is also known as Dogefather owing to his strong support for the canine-themed memecoin. 

Popularity is Not Equal to More Money

When it comes to Crypto X, the Dogecoin Founder is one of the most prominent and controversial figures. However, this popularity is not synonymous with actual networth. While it remains unknown whether or not the self-declared networth s factual or just another meme phrase from Billy Markus, he has revealed his exact DOGE holdings before now.

Responding to an X user a while ago, the Dogecoin founder said he still holds around 280,000 DOGE, a fund that is worth just $20,871 based on the current price of the crypto at the time of writing. Most crypto leaders have more than one asset and while we cannot ascertain whether or not Markus owns other assets and their potential valuation, we’d have to take him for his word on being worth below $1,000,000.

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