XRP To Relist On Coinbase? Legal Chief Responds

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XRP Lawsuit: Coinbase, U.S. biggest crypto exchange is seeking a regulatory green flag from the top financial, regulator Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The latest meeting among Coinbase and Ripple Chief Legal Officers has sparked a trend of XRP listing on the crypto exchange. However, Coinbase, legal chief has responded to this query.

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XRP Coinbase Relisting, Possible Or Not?

In a recent interview, Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s legal chief explored the possibility of relisting XRP on the exchange. The host asked Grewal that of If the District Court decides that secondary market sales of Ripple’s XRP are not securities, how would that be going to affect the relisting of the token on Coinbase?

To this Coinbase legal chief highlighted that they continuously evaluate and reevaluate the listing of tokens. The nature of XRP was subject to litigation and 2 years after the matter is still subject to ligation he added. Read More XRP Lawsuit News Here…

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He mentioned that lots of key industry players are waiting for a verdict in the XRP lawsuit. However, whatever the court rules out, Coinbase will be following the appeal after that and it completely depends on the court’s determination. After that, the exchange can think about relisting XRP, while Coinbase is eagerly waiting for the decision to do that.

Earlier, Coingape reported that Ripple and Coinbase legal chiefs had a meeting on Wednesday. Both executives called this meeting critical. It should be noted that this cryptic meet has landed when both key players are calling out US SEC for providing regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies.

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