OpenAI’s Sam Altman Comments On X.AI; Here’s How Elon Musk Responded

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A day after reports suggested billionaire Elon Musk had created a new artificial intelligence company called X.AI, the Tesla CEO received what appears to be a sarcastic comment from his biggest rival in the AI space. Ever since AI chatbot ChatGPT rose to prominence, the artificial intelligence space saw influx of traditional companies. Microsoft went the extra mile in buying some equity in OpenAI and integrating ChatGPT in its Bing browser. Also, in a welcome development for the crypto market, the AI tokens category in cryptocurrencies saw huge jump in value in last few months.

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After Microsoft and Google made the initial moves, Amazon had also announced its artificial intelligence venture, the Bedrock. However, it is Elon Musk’s X.AI creation that is grabbing most eyeballs owing to AI implementation in Tesla cars.

Sam Altman Comments On X.AI

In response to Wall Street Journal report saying Musk created the new AI company X.AI in Nevada, OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman commented in what appears to be a sarcastic remark. Altman said “concerning,” followed by a ‘Rolling on the Floor Laughing’ emoji. Elon Musk shared an image that said, “May Altman Be With You,” and a video in repsonse to this. The video displayed phrases like “Why Am I here? You were chosen.” It also said, “Altman is with you.”

Although it is not clear as to what these comments actually mean, a healthy and cordial relationship between Altman and Musk can’t be ruled out, despite the differences of opinion on AI development. In last week of March 2023, Musk was among a group of industry stalwarts, researchers and experts that asked for a pause on the process of training powerful AI models.

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