Elon Musk’s SpaceX To Fly 62 Bitcoin To The Moon? Here’s Why

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Lunar Crush, a prominent cryptocurrency firm, has revealed its intention to dispatch a “treasure” to the moon. The treasure will be in the form of a private key to a crypto wallet that holds an exact number of 62 Bitcoins — which translates to roughly $1.7 million at the current price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin To The Moon?

The secret code will be transmitted in the fall of 2023, during the launch of the SpaceX rocket and will be inscribed on the spacecraft itself. The firm assures that the wallet will remain safe as not even its staff will be aware of the code. Having said that, the wallet is open, which indicates that anybody will be able to contribute some money to it in order to enhance the stakes.

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A treasure hunt of sorts is being staged with the goal of awarding the Bitcoins to the first person who successfully reaches the moon and locates the key. By doing so, LunarCrush hopes to encourage people to broaden their horizons and uncover previously unknown information. To accomplish this goal, LunarCrush collaborated with other companies, including animation studio Golden Wolf and Bitcoin developer tools provider Hiro, to sell an NFT collection that would generate revenue to fund the initiative.

Who Will Get The Bitcoins?

Interestingly, the project intends to completely document the process of engraving the private key that will be attached to the rover in order to guarantee that there will be no opaqueness in any aspect of the operation. After the MAPP Rover from Lunar Outpost touches down on the moon, anyone on Earth who can come up with and carry out a plan to go there can claim the bounty.

LunarCrush’s Chief Operating Officer, Joe Vezzani, was quoted as saying:

When you put out a seemingly unachievable goal, the innovation that happens can be incredible. Our goal is to inspire people to build communities that will unlock a new era of exploration.

Due to concerns regarding the integrity of the Bitcoin bounty, the precise launch date has not been disclosed. Nevertheless, it is expected to occur during the fourth quarter of this year.

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