Breaking: Coinbase Set To Launch Base Mainnet Within 2023

Coinbase Base mainnet launch

Crypto News: Crypto exchange Coinbase’s entry into the Layer 2 space is apparently making steady strides towards a mainnet launch soon. A testnet version of the Ethereum Layer 2 network has been unveiled in February 2023. Base was launched as a platform that makes it easy for developers to build apps and plug into the Coinbase product suite for user convenience. The developers said in a latest update that the Base mainnet is being considered as a priority.

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Base Mainnet Launch

Meanwhile, a Coinbase executive spilled the beans on the potential timeline for Base mainnet launch. The mainnet launch is planned for 2023, as the team is prioritizing for delivering it as soon as possible. However, the official dates for the launch are yet to be ascertained. Jesse Pollak, the Base lead, said the overall vision is to unite builders and users on the blockchain.

The Ethereum layer 2 blockchain comes as a potential rival to existing layer 2 blockchains, considering the wide reach of the crypto exchange. Pollak said the launch is now a number one priority, as per a TechCrunch report:

“It’s coming soon, we are working hard on it. It’s our number one priority alongside decentralization goals and the rest of the year is really about making sure we get there as quickly as possible.”

The executive said the larger plan is to unite Base along with Coinbase to bring “million developers and billions of users on chain.”

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