LUNC News: Proposal To Remove Core Dev “Zaradar”; 50B Terra Luna Classic Burn

LUNC News: Proposal To Remove Core Dev "Zaradar"; 50B Terra Luna Classic Burn

LUNC News: The Terra Luna Classic community currently votes on a proposal to remove developer Tobias “Zaradar” Anderson from the Joint L1 Task Force developer group.

Meanwhile, validators and projects continue to burn large amounts of LUNC tokens to push total burn towards the 50 billion mark.

Proposal To Remove Zaradar

Proposal 11383 “Remove Zaradar from L1 in Q2” has been submitted for voting recently. The proposal aims to remove one of the core developers Tobias “Zaradar” Anderson from the Joint L1 Task Force.

The proposal claims Zaradar on the Joint L1 Task Force doesn’t benefit the Terra Luna Classic chain and should be replaced with another entity in Q2. It also alleges that working on the chain requires professionalism, not just coding skills.

Alex Forshaw, one of the key people behind the Terra Classic Revival Roadmap, said:

“Zaradar values his personality cult over everything else, especially educating the community, and isn’t fit to lead the community Ed is on a temporary sabbatical and won’t be around for that much longer (9 months or so).”

Tobias Anderson responded by rejecting the statements in the proposal and will continue working on the LUNC developments. Classy Crypto calls the proposal “immature” and LUNC DAO says “it is the most pathetic approach of all.”

Until now, the proposal has received 56.74% “No” and 42.88% “No with Veto” votes. It indicates the Terra Luna Classic community support Zaradar. Validators including LUNC DAO, TCB @THORmaximalist, Classy’s Sphere, CryptoKing Burn And Build, lunc_nymph, and others have voted against the proposal.

LUNC News: 54 Million Terra Classic LUNA Burn

Meanwhile, the Terra Luna Classic community’s total LUNC burn reaches nearly 50 billion. Cremation Coin burned 52 million LUNC tokens, with the total burn reaching over 93 million. Binance recently burned 8.85 LUNC tokens, bringing back its LUNC burn mechanism.

Moreover, LUNC DAO also continues to burn LUNC tokens weekly by sending 1.68 million LUNc tokens to the burn address.

LUNC price is trading at $0.0001428, down 2% in the last 24 hours and 14% in a week. LUNC faces a 14% downside risk.

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