Breaking: Elon Musk Drops ‘BasedAI’ Hint; Name Of New Chatbot?

Elon Musk AI news

Elon Musk BasedAI News: Within hours after reports suggested billionaire Elon Musk approached AI researchers about his next venture, the Tesla CEO dropped another hint in this direction. Earlier, Musk had reportedly talked to AI experts about plans of forming a new research lab to develop a ChatGPT competitor. The billionaire’s association with multiple industries — automobile, software, space, social media — had already created ripples with the potential of irreversible disruption. Musk’s entry into the world of artificial intelligence could mean massive developments in year to come.

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Elon Musk BasedAI Hint

While Musk just said “BasedAI” in a latest tweet, many people think he is testing out the name for his next venture in AI. It is common knowledge that Musk had co-founded OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, along with Sam Altman in 2015. Hence, his interest in developing products in the AI space has always been clear. This is also in parallel with his latest comments on the ChatGPT‘s biased nature. His criticism of ChatGPT’s responses makes further case for his interest in building an AI chatbot.

The Tesla CEO recently said he was having ‘AI existential angst’.

“Having a bit of AI existential angst today. But, all things considered with regard to AGI existential angst, I would prefer to be alive now to witness AGI than be alive in the past and not.”

In this context, many people are wondering if BasedAI truly is the name of Musk’s very own ChatGPT rival. Interestingly, the word ‘based’ is worded very similar to ‘biased’, a value that he strongly opposes, even in the context of mainstream media and contemporary politics.

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