Breaking: Binance Announces Arbitrum (ARB) Perpetual Contract Launch

Binance Announces Arbitrum (ARB) Perpetual Contract Launch

Binance Futures on Wednesday said it will launch the Arbitrum (ARB) perpetual contract within 15 minutes after opening the ARB spot trading on Binance. Arbitrum is witnessing massive hype in the crypto community ahead of the highly-anticipated Arbitrum airdrop scheduled on March 23.

According to an official announcement on March 22, Binance Futures will launch the USD-M ARB perpetual contract after 15 minutes of Arbitrum (ARB) spot trading opening on Binance. The crypto exchange is offering up to 50x leverage for Arbitrum (ARB) perpetual trading.

On March 20, crypto exchange Binance announced opening Arbitrum (ARB) spot trading for ARB/BTC and ARB/USDT pairs at 17:00 on March 23. Moreover, withdrawals for ARB will open a day after at 17:00 UTC on March 24.

Crypto Twitter Reacts Binance Arbitrum Perpetual Offering

Crypto influencer Hsaka noted that Binance Futures launching the ARB perpetual trading just 15 minutes after ARB spot trading opens on Binance. He believes launching perpetual contract after “4hrs is acceptable as opposed to the usual 4-5 days post airdrop perp listing.”

DeFyist replied that users of Bybit generally flip the daily volumes after such a highly-awaited listing. Binance is listing ARB 4hrs after the ARB airdrop.

Meanwhile, crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX launched a USDT-margined Arbitrum (ARB) futures on March 20. It allows users to long or short ARB-USDT, with up to 20x leverage. The ARBUSDTM23 price is trading near $1.44 at the time of writing.

The Arbitrum Foundation announced that its governance token ARB will make Arbitrum transition into the decentralized autonomous organization model, allowing ARB holders to vote on key decisions of Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova.

Meanwhile, Coinbase has also announced adding Arbitrum (ARB) to its listing roadmap. The community is actively awaiting listing on Coinbase.

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