Breaking: Apple Blocks Launch Of New Uniswap Crypto Wallet

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Uniswap Crypto Wallet News: Uniswap Labs on Friday announced the launch of a new mobile wallet but only to be blocked by Apple’s App Store. It will be a self-custodial and open-sourced mobile app. The team said that despite submitting the mobile app months ago, the wait for approval is still going on. In the meanwhile, Uniswap Labs opened up the internal TestFlight app to a limited audience.

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Uniswap Wallet Early Release

The limited early release through Apple TestFlight allows for usage by a maximum of 10,000 users. Uniswap Labs said there was no clarity as to why the app was not approved. While approvals were given to other self-custody swapping wallets, Uniswap’s app was rejected, it said. A statement from the team said,

“So why a limited early release from a team committed to access for anyone? Simply put, Apple won’t green-light our launch, and we don’t know why. We submitted our mobile app months ago—and even though we are 100% compliant with their specifications, we are still stuck in limbo.”

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In this context, it is speculated that Apple is being apprehensive about crypto related products in the current regulatory environment. Hence, it could mean a long wait for the app launch on App Store until a clarity on digital assets laws is seen. This could also explain why the approval is yet to be given despite following all specifications.

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