Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Predicts “Valentine Day Massacre”, Another Crypto Crash?

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Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and a visionary on personal finance, issued a warning on an impending market-wide crash in his recent tweet. He also urged his readers and followers to capitalize on the assets that he has been significantly vocal about in the past few years.

Robert Kiyosaki Says Crash Is Here

The New York Times bestseller has repeatedly cautioned his 2.3 million followers about a global market meltdown, which he asserts has finally arrived. According to Kiyosaki, the first domino effect was set in motion back in 2022 when the majority of corporations in Silicon Valley let go of around 144,000 employees.

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In addition, he mentions that approximately 66,000 more people had their income cut off within the first month of this year. These included the likes of Meta, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more recently Zoom. He even quotes the catastrophic crash allegedly taking place on Valentine’s Day as predicted by Maryland-based Stansberry Research.

An Incoming Crypto Crash?

Kiyosaki has prophesied that there will be a crash across all asset classes, including the stock market, commodities such as Gold and Silver, and even the broader crypto market in his prognosis. Coming as a direct response to the current state of the market, he stated unequivocally that he intends to increase his holdings of Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin regardless of whether or not their prices improve; thus demonstrating his unwavering faith in the value of these investments. “Everything will crash including prices gold, silver, BC. Do not panic.”, said Kiyosaki .

The 75-year-old American entrepreneur has been a staunch Bitcoin proponent and has hailed it as the “people’s money” in the past. While explaining the competitive advantage of the flagship cryptocurrency, the author has previously stated that the regulations set forward by the SEC would severely affect a majority of the altcoins in the market. And, in light of the recent crypto crackdown by the U.S. financial watchdog, Robert’s views have yet again stood the test of time. Kiyosaki has underlined numerous times that one of Bitcoin’s key advantages is that it’s acknowledged as a commodity, a status that is more comparable to that of Gold and Silver.

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